The Crowns
Drop is Done!

Crowns are a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated NFTs on the Internet Computer. With a mix of traditional and psychedelic materials, and a CAP-powered transaction history for full provenance.

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These 3D Crowns have jumped dimensions and are coming with a wild mix of rare jewels and materials.. You'll never know what type of terran & otherworldy crown you'll get until you ape.


Crowns have been designed as a 3D animation and minted into MP4s that in the future could be brought into the metaverse to royal-up avatars, or be used as props/accessories for other NFTs.


This project was built by the team at CAP, fully integrated with CAP to have a transaction & activity history on the Internet Computer. Crowns won't be initially transferrable, but a marketplace will release soon after the release and transfers will be enabled. Crowns will have a built-in 2,5% royalty fee.



Usage Rights

Full ownership and commercial usage rights given to the owner of the crown NFT.



Be a part of the IC legacy, by owning one of the first NFTs to have a transaction history.

Natural Crown

Future of Crowns

More wild exclusive perks are coming to Crown holders! Expect more on it soon.

Our Journey


Crowns Announced - 10.29

We're announcing our plans for the Crowns to the community, together with the reveal of CAP, presenting our short-term roadmap to the raffle & drop.

Free Raffle Opens - 11.26

You'll be able to sign up to participate in the Free drop! All 10,000 Crowns will be airdropped at no cost (0 ICP), sign up to get a free ticket (one per Principal ID), to win one of the Crowns 48hs later! Any number of people can participate and the winner of the crowns will be randomly selected from the pool of participants.

Crowns Drop - 11.29

The Crowns Raffle will happen and 5000 crowns will be randomly dropped to the randomly selected raffle winners! (No refresh wars!). The remainder 4750 Crowns will be airdropped to CAP and Plug users. 250 Crowns will be saved for community & team efforts.